Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The lazy way to make really pitiful cupcakes

I posted a question over at Mayasmom for a cute suggestion for preschool baked goodies, and then found this cool idea on the grand all-knowing internet. Only I was lazy...

  • Instead of making my own chocolate covered graham crackers I bought them.
  • Instead of cutting up my own fruit roll-up tassels, I used new "skinny ones"

  • Instead of filling the things with coolwhip, I just put it on top of the cupcakes.

  • Then I was rushed and it was hot and they all slid off on the way to school.

The result was this

Instead of this

And what did I find at school? Tons of cutesy cakes and cupcakes. I wanted to hide mine away, but I got over that and did some quick repairs. And my son wolfed one down anyway.


  1. Well, you fixed them up, and like you said, your son wolfed one down anyway. :)

  2. Nice cupcakes.....Hey stop by my blog and use my plugboard!