Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Plan

In starting this personal blog and I'm taking an approach different than my usual path. When something interests me I usually just jump right in, without regard to how good I'll be or whether it will become a lifetime passion. This applies to activities like hobbies and sports, although I'm not a risk taker with endeavors like my job or my kids. It used to drive my ex-husband nuts. His attitude was why bother with something unless you are very good at it, or at least plan to be. He was lucky to be pretty good at quite a few things, but I don't have that benefit. My current husband has some of those same traits. He quit cycling once he realized he couldn't race anymore. He put his heart and soul into his metallurgy career, and now spends much of his free time with soccer books, videos and watching games to improve his coaching.

However, my goals run more towards what would make me happy or relaxed. I "blew" $50 on watercolors once, painted for a few months using a simple book and that was that. It was fun, simple as that. I've never been good at sports, so it took me until college to actually get to play on a team and not feel like a hindrance to the team. When I discovered maasl, a soccer team for women over 25 I signed myself up, and figured if I wasn't able to play much or got too intimidated it was a risk I was willing to take for $65 investment. Turns out I loved it. When I had a baby, I didn't really talk to people about what moms club to join, just found convenient ones that seemed good, joined them and saw how it went. It was not a high investment and even if I had only participated in a handful of activities I would have got my money's worth (I remember a woman had her personal assistant ask if she could attend one playgroup before committing to joining the club - it was $45 a year!).

With work, I don't research new positions extensively, if I'm tired of my current job and if I like the manager of a new one, I take it. (That' not to say it's easy just to find a new job, but I've managed to have a large enough company network to find a number of jobs over the years.) This may be why I have never found my passion, but I try to not get caught up in that line of thinking.

So that was the long way of getting to the point here. For this blogging thing, I too dived right in. Some friends asked if I wanted to and I, with only a slight hesitation, took them up on the offer. I question myself more and more, though, even as I try to post more . Are my posts boring, stupid, funny enough, offensive? So I've decided I'm going to take this personal blog more seriously and improve any blog writing I do. I've checked out "Blogging for Dummies" and another blogging book, and bought some books on writing. I'm going to Blogher. I don't expect to make a living, or rise to the top. But I hope with more effort I can feel proud to share my blog address rather than worry every time a friend reads a post. I'm nervous about feedback, but I'm going to seek it out. I'll try to make enough money maybe to cover some blogging expenses. And I want to find a niche for this thing.

Welcome to my work in progress.


  1. Hey...I am going to BlogHer too fellow Mayasmom-er.

    I started blogging as I thought it would be a way to keep my brain going...and work on my is a personal thing that you do for your own reasons your way.

    Have fun!

  2. Congrats on your new blog! I look forward to reading it. You're always fun to read on SV Moms. Just go with what you know...

  3. Congrats on the blog! I still have not told my friends or family about mine. It is nice to have something all to yourself until you're ready.

  4. Read the whole thing - I like it! Congrats and I look forward to hearing about the fun that you're having in your new place!