Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Photos and Cards and Pretty Stuff

Just like our holiday cards, as usual, this post is quite late. Bu t I really wanted to give a shout-out to Shutterfly, and not just because they gave me free cards again this year. I created some awesome gifts this year, using picasa, picnik and shutterfly, but those are still a secret from a few of my blog readers. Of course they have a ton of holiday photo card options, my go to for many years of Christmas cards. And thanks to babjidesign we also had some wonderful photos. Here's the front of this years card.

Last year there was a lot of brown, which I love but my husband is not a big fan. I love all the bright, not not super Christmassy colors this year. Someday maybe I'll choose a Chanukah card, the year perhaps we get our cards out early again.

I didn't make photo books this year, but unearthed a number of old ones while unpacking and they are always great quality, great prices and with more and more options. My new favorite are the backgrounds for many of their projects. I may be giving away a surprise, but seriously, check this out.

Every year I swear I'm going to send more cards. With all the options on this and many other sites really have no excuse. We also, every year it seems :) have birthday parties in November and January, so as long as I'm in the card spirit why not a party invitation? Because I'm not that organized, that's why. Or is it a subtle protest against the "girl" and "boy" categories? Cuz this would be perfect.

Shutterfly did provide me with a code for 50 free cards, and asked me to write a post but all the opinions and words are my own. It's a bit late for cards this year (unless you are us, that is), but I do have codes for 25 free cards if you are interested.

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