Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day

No romantic outings planned for us, but we still have a fun valentine's day.  We decided to celebrate early, given that we didn't have anything planned for Sunday, except for the super fun birthday party I only remembered because of my personal assistant/iPhone.  Geocaching, baby.

The morning started off in the usual fashion.  I planned a nice breakfast after sleeping staying in bed until nearly 9am.  Donovan demanding breakfast 3 minutes after I got up.  I had bought the kids silicone egg was like 11 cents since it was a gingerbread man from the Christmas discount isle.  I managed some cute red heart pancakes with the unknown substance that had come from an impulse buy - powdered sugar coloring.  Check 'em out!  Plus some other photos.

Piggy! the second didn't come out so well, but my son loved it, said it was a pig running.  What a sweetie.

I got the dead guy (name that movie)

 How I ate mine.

 Heart-shaped scones at the post-season futsal brunch.

Pretty rainbow chard in my vegetable box.  Nobody joined me in my sauteed chard with procuitto.  yum.

I won't post the valentines...don't want to get into any copywright trouble since we printed out angry bird stickers.  They were pretty cool, though.

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day.  If you need me tomorrow I'll be rushing to make it on time to the 1st grade party I'm hosting, wish me luck.  Now off to put 25 fedex boxes aka valentine's mailboxes together.

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