Monday, January 24, 2011

Hard to Choose Five Fabulous Bloggers

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Five fabulous bloggers...only 5, when there are approximately 50 bazillion blogs at last count.  Eh, who can read that many, anyway?  My quick pick-me-up blogs run more toward Cake Wrecks and the kludges on "There, I Fixed It" but to make it to my fabulous 5 list, which in no way would be comprehensive, I need a few more words.

This is not Jenny, although she was at BlogHer

#1 is Jenny the Bloggess, wow!  When I first stumbled across her blog I laughed hysterically, then told my husband about this woman who writes like she is on some major party drugs, although I don't think she really is.  She just goes all over the place, and beyond, a process one of the Monty Python founders described once at a talk, only they sometimes take a step back.  At a recent humor panel at Blogher one of the humor bloggers highly recommended not to work in serious posts if you really want to be a successfull humor blogger, because funny is what your audience is expecting.  I appreciate and understand that (spoken as a blogger with no focus :).  Jenny, though, manages to use her blog for the power of good with mostly silly, funny, totally self-deprecating posts with a few serious totally inspiring posts, or sometimes missions, sprinkled in.  Today was an example, when she shared a video, and then a heart-wrenching story of a fellow blogger who's going through a terrible time.  She makes me laugh, then cry, really cry.  Her advice column is also one of the few I will read. 

#2 I've mentioned her before, but I still need to include the lovely, fabulous Darryle Pollack in this list.  This woman seems to have done it all, and is here to show us how it's done.  I can't imagine this lovely woman is much older than me, but she seems awfully wiser without ever getting into the advice realm.  From discovering her artistic side after cancer, to having two grown kids whom she still fawns over, the only thing that would make her better is if she lived closer.  She's not too far, but just enough that I can't scoot on over to take her out for drinks.  She's really an inspiration to appreciate what you have.  The name of her blog says it all, I never signed up for this, but she's making the best of "this."  Boobalas :)

#3 Joy the Baker just embodies her name.  I think she's several decades younger than me, has a fabulous life and is an amazing cook.  She's on my food blog list, but her posts seem to have gone from mouth-watering, delicious recipes to random, amusing, silly posts about her life, followed by mouth-watering recipes.  I'm not talking about stories of parties every night, although these happen on occasion, today's, for example, included this gem " I step over super gross, drunken Saturday night vomit, club promo cards, discarded hair extensions, gum wrappers and street hot dog remnants."  She just seems adorable, and I trust every recipe she posts.

#4 I just discovered the reincarnation of anti-racist parent, Love Isn't Enough.  This blog, subtitle "on raising a family in a colorstruck world" is edited by three women, so I'm not sure if they fall into the fabulous "blogger" category, although given the rich and important nature of this blog, I'm putting them here.  As a white parent in a white family, I do know that love, or exposure to a diverse group of poeple, or trying to teach about racism are good steps, but are not enough.  I don't know what is, though, so am thrilled that I have re-discovered this font of excellent articles and blog posts. 

No Princess Alone button
#5 Susan Niebur, Whymommy, is simply inspiring.  She is fighting cancer, again, yet still reaches out to help others.  She's an amazing mom blogging on Toddler Planet, consultant to NASA, supporter of women in science and, even in her toughest times still helps other women with cancer.  I can't do her justice here, all I can say is send strong, fighing, postiive vibes her way.  She has grace and style and does not deserve what is happening.

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