Friday, September 24, 2010

Puppies and Kids and Puppies

Finally got our new energetic puppy over to the dog park. We stopped going after running into too many homophobic young guys who could not handle our dog humping theirs and owners who just could not seem to handle normal doggy play. We had a dog who liked to establish his dominance, but also got jealous when other dogs played with his sister and who just never quite learned how to play. 

Now not only do we have two fairly sociable and patient pups, but I've discovered a wonderful, smelly, dirty dog park full of mostly old people who seem to hang for hours there every day. They all know each other but welcome newcomers with open arms, or at least with smelly wet tennis balls.  They even complimented my kids, a sure way to my heart.
My son's new thing is attempting to jump through my photos.  And doesn't the Hipstamatic iPhone app rule?

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