Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Following Polly

Humor and amateur sleuthing, it's like a fantasy come true.  Unfortunately it was not my own life, but a book I read recently as part of the From Left To Write book club blog.  I've read a lot of mysteries and detective novels, and my favorites usually have some crazy characters.  Following Polly, by Karen Bergreen, whom I got to meet in New York at BlogHer10, is about a woman with quite the active imaginary life, an awesome group a friends and a great sense of humor.  Karen is a comic and a mom and now obviously a novelist.   I want to read books that take me out of my life, and this one fits the bill.  If I had three wishes I'd love to be a funny writer, and private detective and, well, I'm already a mom, so guess I need to be satisfied with that and thank the writers of the world for allowing me to live vicariously through their stories.

I'm probably better than the average person for tracking stuff down on the internet, from my son's elusive lovey to mentions of a company press release.  The closest I've come to true snooping is to occasionally google my ex-husband, whom I finally found on facebook.  I sometimes think about getting a job as an online personal shopper, but to be allowed to really snoop around in someones life, now that would be cool.

Disclosure: I got a free, signed, copy of this book as part of the From Left to Write Book blog.

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