Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Own Little Blogher 10 Recap Post

Like 2400 other woman and a handful of men, I too decended on New York City last week for BlogHer 10.   There are lots of great recap posts out there, so mine's just going to be quick. To sum it up, I had a blast.  I've been to two others, and just like when I tried LSD, the first time was awesome, the second sort of sucked.  It was all me of course.  Unlike acid, I decided to go for a third BlogHer after taking a few years off.  Blogging is just a hobby of mine, so it felt weird paying for this indulgance.  I just could not turn down NYC, though, so I used up my miles, found an awesome roomie nad set my goals as fun, by signing up for rockin' parties, of course. 

The best part, besides dancing at Sparklecorn and free makeovers every day, was those "online" friends really did treat me as friends.  I still acted like a star-struck fan when faced with The Pioneer Woman and Amalah, but with others like Stimey and Wendy and Kelcy and Jessica, they really did act like

I stayed with Kari, who's showing her iPhone4 envy up there by playing with the new camera feature.  She also totally rocked her tutu, unlike my pitiful one.  Who cares though, I've told at least 17 people, in a casual tone of course, "well, Friday morning I was running through central park in a tutu."  I got to see Jean, of the awesome Stimeyland, including listening to her on the amazing Blogging Autism panel.  You can see a few shots of NYC, I cannot wait to come back.  I also did an interivew with Yahoo Shine! which I'll post later.

Here's some more shots of NYC, can you spot the celebrities?  We've got Spongebob, of porous fame, of course Mrs. Potato Head, and four hilarious advice columnists, of Mouthy Housewives and Aunt Becky fame, who talked about, giggle, giggle, writing an advice column. 

Every year I vow to check out the blogs of all the cards I got, we'll see when I get around to that.  I may add more later, especially if I can track down the photos I know were taken of the run and the Cheezberger party.

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  1. It was WONDERFUL to hang out with you. Also, I'm dying laughing at your LSD analogy. This was definitely my best BlogHer too. I think I just found myself around the right people—you included.