Sunday, August 22, 2010

Me, Reinvented...more on Blogher 10

Blogher is really unlinke any conference I've been to before.  I got to spend a week in Germany at a Solar conference, and thought it was wild that some of the companies were actually selling things on the show floor?  Solar BBQ anyone?  Solar helicoptor toys for your kids, or jewelry for your wife you've left at home to take care of the kids?  Any my favorite, the giant solar panels with amateur looking "For Sale" signs, could not tell of those were real.  In Semiconducotor world equipment can run in the millions and you certainly can't walk away with anything.

At BlogHer10, on the other hand, I managed to get a free makeover each day.  The first was at the Socialluxe lounge, where I got pampered and showered with champagne and sunchips, but more on that later.  Proctor and Gamble had a cool "home" setup, with a makeover option complete with headshot.  And finally the Yahoo! Shine booth, where a lovely lady was eager to interview you about how blogging has helped you reinvent yourself.  I want to do more, much more, with my blogging, and have a long list of items on my todo list.  In the meantime, though, you can get a glimpse about how I've already reinvented myself, from engineer to fashion model gourmet food blogger published author less geeky chic.

Disclosure:  I sent my own self to the Blogher 10 conference, but while there did take advantage of some of the offerings by sponsors, including the above mentioned free makeovers.

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  1. Look at you with all the fancy photos and the videos and stuff -- awesome!