Thursday, July 15, 2010

Is Micky Mouse really Morman?

Oh how I wish I could channel The Bloggess to do this PR email justice.

" Thought you might be interested in this behind-the-scenes photo of Donny Osmond shooting a commercial for Dance Star Mickey, one of the hottest toys of the upcoming holiday season from Fisher-Price® and Disney. "
You did? Really?

While I do not get solicitations to post a press release or review this fabulous product very often, as some seem to assume happens 26 seconds after you start a mommy blog, I get a few. I don't get all upset, most I ignore, and since I'm pretty slow with fulfilling the few obligations I accept (marble car giveaway, oops) the well dries up pretty quickly. S'okay.

This one I could not pass up, though. I mean, it's got all the right components.

Donny Osmond - I'm a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock 'n roll - awesome song

Oh how I loved him, when I was 9. I did hear him on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me (wow, they must be hurting for news, their usual spiel is about why homosexuals are ruining the world). Otherwise I have no idea what he's been doing since the Donny and Marie show. I remember when I found out he was Mormon, which was actually a sweet story as he went to visit a friend of my sisters in the hospital. Her large family was in a horrendous car accident. The parents were killed, she was paralyzed, one sister was badly hurt and I believe the two younger kids and baby thankfully had only minor injuries. At the time I had no idea why she chose Donny as her wish, but I found out later he was like the Mormon idol. All I knew about Mormons then was they had large families, didn't drink coke, and had to dance one foot away from each other (long story, ended up at a dance with Brigham Young college students in high school). Later I learned, among other things, that huge singing families is a not uncommon phenomenon in the Mormon religion. What was my point here?

A commercial
If there's one thing that's perhaps even more exciting than watching a commercial, it might be the BEHIND THE SCENE ACTION of one being filmed. My DVR has allowed me to skip commercials, except of course when we're watching with the kids, of course, who yell out "wait, I wanted to see that!"

Magic Dance Mickey
Like tickle me Elmo, although it's Mickey, dancing.  I can only assume, I didn't actually watch the commercial, which is probably really cute.  I needed something to post besides photos of my kids, though.

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