Sunday, June 20, 2010

So Long SV Moms

I'm not sure I would call it A Disturbance in the Force, but I am sad to say that Silicon Valley Moms blog, with all it's cities, is closing down. I was really fortunate to have joined very near the beginning of its life. I first saw a post from Jill on a mom's club post, and while I did not ask to join right away I started reading the blog and commenting. She then asked me to join, which is probably lucky for me as having never been a blogger or published writer I might not have been able to get in once it became so popular and successful.

This thing grew like a weed, adding cities and fabuloso mommy and a few daddy bloggers. I was not surprised, Jill and her fellow collaborators are what I would call serious influencers, with lots of friends and supporters. People are understandably sad, some are quite upset. I am grateful to have been a part of it, but I understand things change, and support their decisions. Out here in Silicon Valley we are used to seeing seemingly successful business and endeavors close their doors. The partners are going through some difficult times and it seems some business plans did not pan out as they'd hoped. Speculation on my part, but I can see why they would not just want to give it to someone.

When it comes to blogging, I loved being part of Silicon Valley Moms blogs. It made me feel a little more legit at BlogHer and it has given me some fun opportunities, even in my professional life, of which social media is only a very small part, and nothing at all to do with mommy blogging. Personal blogging is a hobby for me, I am not trying to publish a book, get paid writing gigs or build a giant following. I enjoy blogging, but lately I've felt more pressure to step up my writing (not a bad thing, of course) as they added more cities and amazingly successful writers, and I worried I could not keep up. I appreciate all the hard work put into these collaborative sites, and know that all their future projects will be hugely successful and hope to play some small part if possible.
I for sure want to keep in touch with everyone I've met on the blog-o-sphere, although there are just way to many to document here. You can see many over yonder to the right in my ever changing blog roll. Speaking of opportunities, here's a sneak peak of the most recent, and you can head on over to my review blog for more about that.

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  1. We met because of SVMoms! I value my time in the group. I learned so much and made so many friends, not to mention was privy to some great experiences.