Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Resolve to Drink More in 2010

Like a lot of bloggers posting in the new year, I too have eliminated resolutions from my vocabulary. However, I want need to do something to improve my life in this start of this new millennium. I really wanted to jump on the bandwagon saying goodbye to the awfulness that was 09 and hello new start. I have to admit, though, that 2009 was great for me in many ways. I had my first summer off in 20 years, in fact, spent a huge amount of time with the kids, going days sometimes without yelling. I spent a wonderful summer without going overboard on spending, and even managed to snag a job right when my severance pay ran out.

The last month of the year, though, was so sucky even Mexico made me cranky, and that is just wrong. I felt so out of control when it came to solving my most pressing problems. Weighing heavily was the lack of regular employment for either of us. Funnily, a friend called me "the most famous unemployed person [she] new." Us bloggers really get around don't we. There was the photo shoot by Joe Claus, an unemployed photographer did a photo spread called "Let Go-Photographs of talented people in Silicon Valley who’ve been dumped by local businesses"

I heard about this when I responded to another request by Patrick May, San Jose Mercury journalist, from another blogger, and got on his mailing list. He wrote an article on the photo shoot, and I got a lot of comments at school the next day. He sends the occasional request for his pinkslipped series, and he published a quote about holidays without a paycheck. The best was when I was interviewed for The California Report about COBRA at the subsidy, was called a "goddess" by a wonderful friend. Thank goodness they've extended the subsidy, since I still don't have benefits with my job.

So what's in store for 2010? I'm going to find the things I can control that makes me happy. Some people are giving up alcohol, I resolve to drink more in 2010. How will I accomplish this?

  • Planning regular mom's nights out, even if we end up with only two moms

  • Joined a co-ed soccer team who's main reason for existence is drinking beer after the games ("beer practices" when it rains)

  • Hand-made Kahlua and amaretto from a small Mexican distillery, party at my place.

In 2009 I switched to real food, started a few exercise programs and lost weight with a cleanse, 2010 is the year of feeding my emotional side.

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