Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Apartment for sale, Americans need not apply

Since I'm going to China, I've been asked to pick up a Hong Kong phone book while there so someone can track down her parents old friend (a ped named Yik Ting) from 20 years ago to give her a contact for a Hong Kong newspaper to advertise her mom's Palo Alto apartment. She wants to advertise there since foreigners value apartments more than Americans.

Following this surreal conversation my dad called to apologize for giving my number to this woman.

He then had to hurry back to my mom, who is recovering from a broken pelvis in a rehab center. I'm not ready to join the sandwich generation, and I doubt I ever will be. My dad is still in excellent health, and keeps himself extremely busy. Unfortunately that makes it harder to be there for my mom. It's not that he can't get away, but it's got to be tough to see his wife like this. My mom has accepted her limitations, but this may prove too much for her. They are taking the rehab very slowly since she's pretty much in pain all the time, and any movement just makes it worse.

I joke that my knees and back and other joints are all in excellent shape since I haven't made them do much, while my poor husband suffers from arthritis. But the reality is you have got to keep your body moving, exercise, push yourself, and keep that body of yours in working order.

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  1. you gotta exercise, true. I swear it keeps me awake, literally. Hope your mom recovers quickly.