Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lights, Music, Christmas

It's freezing here, really, the grass was even covered in frost this morning, much to the kids delight. That's okay, though, because I do love this time of year, at least for the lights if not the weather or the feeling I'm missing out on all sorts of holiday parties. Now that I'm a grown-up, I can decorate my place to my hearts delight, at least inside. I have to admit Christmas lights are still as magical to me as when I was a kid.

We still have never had Christmas lights on our house, so I live vicariously through my neighbors, and this new 'hood is a doozy. I've been taking different routes with our doggy at night, so I can see the latest in Christmas light creativity. Apologize for the poor iPhone quality, but check out those two characters above. Hi frosty! Hi Santa!
When I saw this house, I thought, "oh, they're Jewish."
Then I saw the same lights here. They're snowflakes, not stars of David.
This is our classy neighbors, all matching red and white, with a subtle little Santa in the yard.
Happy happy, joy joy

Christmas cactus anyone?
Say hi to this little guy, who's part of a piece de resistance, the musically coordinated light show on the corner. I stood through two or three songs when walking the dog.

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