Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I kind of slacked on my gratitude posts and activities, and one day, someday, I may do the nablomepo thingy, but just not this year I guess. I did want to say what I am thankful for, since this year may end on a much better note than I imagined a few months ago.

It goes without saying, even though I'm saying it, that I am so thankful for my family. My two wonderful boys who make me laugh and smile so much. My husband who is such a great daddy and wonderful person. My parents who I know will always be there for us and who take my kids to garage sales even while complaining we have too much stuff. Here are a few other things I am so thankful for.

  1. My health...I'm attempting to run/jog/walk three miles tomorrow having barely even used my Wii fit, and I'm grateful that at my advanced maternal age I know I can walk even if I can't run.

  2. Our jobs...we are definitely underemployed, but that far beats unemployed.

  3. The fact that I don't have to cook the whole thanksgiving dinner, but still get to make a few dishes. We're joining friends for the feast and I'm bringing green beans and an apple pie.

  4. My first even toaster oven, is that too superficial?

  5. The place I live, where we can go to the beach, the mountains or the city all within an hour of our place and get real, healthy food from a variety of sources, including or own garden.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all, may your turkey or tofurkey be moist this year.

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