Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Anniversary to the Moon Landing

In my eternal quest for free summer events I stumbled across the Moonfest taking place at NASA right down the street from us. They have events there quite often, and this time, since we actually had to sit for a bit in traffic to get in, I explained that because our taxes actually pay these guys it's not really free. I then talked about space camp, probably not a bad step in our kids lives in case the professional soccer career doesn't work out. Well, darn it, in search for a link for what I presumed would be a cool camp I've discovered it's closed.

On to more positive aspects, besides the fact that Steven Colbert is talking about this anniversary right now. From the NASA site, "On July 20, 1969, our nation and the world watched in awe as the first humans stepped foot onto another world." And for the next four decades, we've been saying to ourselves, what next (paraphrased from Mr. Colbert).

But totally check out the rockets! Big, ain't they?

And smokin'!

And each one broke into two parts, with tiny parachutes to ease the parts down. The kids then ran like mad towards the rocket pieces, so the poor rocket nerds (that is a total compliment, I aspire to be a nerd) had to keep announcing they were not finders keepers.
My kids watched in awe, when Keegan was not complaining about being hot, burned by the sun, having his eyes water. I joined in the complaining, adding my own complaint about Donovan sitting on my legs, pressing them into the hard concrete. So not what Keegan was looking for, we eventually made the long trek to the kids activities.

Where they took a space quiz and made their own rockets. I also scored some refreshing Jamba juice and free moon pies.

We ended the evening at the huge Inter Milan/Club America game (so not free) over at the Stanford Football field. Talk about hot. And someone stole our little red cooler full of peanut butter sandwhiches, the nerve.

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