Sunday, July 5, 2009

Food, Glorious Food

I just clicked over to the Wishbone salad dressing contest on Blogher (it's over, btw) and boy did that salad dressing look good. So did the teriyaki burger from Carl's Jr (don't even go to that website - milkshakes!), the fosters chicken salad, and my husband's leftover carne asada quesadilla, oh it's making me drool. Why am I obsessing about food, you may ask (okay, maybe not)? I'm at the end of day 3 of the "Master Cleanse" (who of course are now following me on twitter, because twitter can read your mind. I seriously don't know how this works, but I make one post about skateboarding and I've got all these skate companies following me.

But the good news is, what with this second attempt at the "Beyonce approved" lemonade diet (good thing I own a ginormous lemon tree), going semi-vegan for a while, boxing with the Wii fit master and chasing my wild boys around every day, I have lost a total of 9 pounds. I actually reached the "normal" line on said Wii fit. I'm going to try to keep up this wacked out diet until my birthday on Thursday, then do my very best not to completely pig out. That should not be too hard, considering I'm the only one who cooks in this house, so not expecting anyone to surprise me with a cake that night.

I just would really, really, love some food.

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