Saturday, June 20, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

When we bought our first house, I fantasized about a garden. We also got a dog, and I'd never had a dog before, much less two, so I tossed aside my fresh herbs and vegetable fantasies, after the dogs destroyed the garden. A mere 12 years later, the dogs are much calmer, although I've added two kids to the mix. A big shout-out to schools who get kids excited about gardening. Here are the results.

We started out with two corn plants, one is thriving, the other not so much. Then my dad gave us some seeds, and one set was decimated by a basketball, but the other is trying it's best. The instructions for these "Seeds of Change" were "Needs much water, rich soil plus dignity, democracy, justice, and especially revolutionary love!" It's Zapatista GE-free corn from Chiapas.

Tomatoes galore! A miracle they are still alive. There's a cucumber in there too.

The cantalope that was not eaten by the dogs. You won't see the strawberry plant that was. Hint: if you plant your strawberry in a pot to keep it safe from wildlife, keep it on a table not the ground.
We spread about a million poppy seeds here, I can't wait till they all bloom. I have fond memories of eating peas right off the vine, so those are next.

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