Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Cool Gene is not from their Mom

Over yonder at Silicon Valley Moms I posted about how since I could never be cool, I will now live vicariously through my cool kids. I have no shame. These guys are now extreme skateboarders in training, literally, as they're taking skateboard classes once a week. That should do it. You can also find 'em amongst the true afficienados at the new Mayfair park in East San Jose.

And now they've managed to add to their portfolio, due to the obsession in this house with Guitar Hero. Yes, my boys manage to beat the San Jose Earthquakes at Guitar Hero. This was at their recent season ticket holder event, and we rocked the house. This huge crowd gathered when two little boys seemed to be the only ones to actually finish a song, not to mention Keegan belting out "What I want" by Linken Park. There was a slight delay between the music and the little colored lights, which stymied the teenage boys and the players, but not my boys.

Watch out Pablo, RJ and Shea, because next thing you know, they'll be taking over your spots ont the field too.

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