Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Piggy Birthday

Just had to show off these cupcakes I made for Donovan's birthday a few weeks ago. He's really, really into pigs. I used giant pretty cupcakes holders from Daiso for the first batch, and then smaller ones in case people didn't want a massive amount of chocolate cake. I found some ideas on the web, and the key was marshmallows for the nose and ears. Unfortunately could not find pink ones, so died them with food coloring. You know how hard it is to make something red with food coloring? Well, turns out if you dip a marshmallow in red food coloring it looks like it's been shot. Anyway, we had an awesome time, even though they kicked us out of the bowling alley when I brought out the "outside food" so we headed over to Starbucks. I finally got to hang a bit with Donovan's best friend's parents, which was awesome. Small world, she nearly signed up for SV Moms when I did, and it also turns out she's a romance novelist - so how cool is that?

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  1. Cute cupcakes.

    BTW, I tagged you for a meme.