Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Wii, all it's craked up to Bii

I bought a Wii eons ago, still undecided about saving it for Christmas or selling it. I finally decided to keep it and managed to resist any additional purchases for it beyond a 2nd remote, which was supposed to prevent fighting but of course didn't work and I can't reach the "Amazon merchant." It only took the boys a few days, however, to learn to share. One minute Donovan was throwing things around and losing Wii privileges, the next he was reporting to me how he and Keegan were doing a good job sharing, it was so sweet.

I am so glad I kept it, the thing is awesome. I can totally kick butt boxing, and have a sore arm to prove it. Watching the boys box is an exercise in pure hilarity, as they never seem to stop moving, shaking and wiggling every part of their body to "kill the guy." They both have appointed themselves coaches and trainers - press A mommy, now swing it, you missed, you need to hit 100, you're not very good, I did way better than you, you'll never hit it, I told you it was hard, how did you get so good? etc.

Besides that awesome workout (still working on getting my Wii Fit), it keeps them occupied for hours in the morning and I actually got to sleep in several days in a row in my vacation. A true miracle. Sure, we need to work on setting limits, but they are up and moving and it's tiring them out. Yesterday consisted of: Wii, breakfast, Wii, park, lunch, Wii, soccer, Wii, New Years Eve party, which Donovan once again slept though. Knocking out Marco and Hiroshi can really tire a guy out.

And our "Mii's" -we've got pyggi, lepi, lepy, keeg, p-dog (that's Dad's) and mine is nikki. I was happy to learn lepi was short for Leopard not Leper. All of Donovan's have spiky gray hair and all Keegan's have spiky brown hair. I think they covet short spiky hair versus their own long blond hair.


  1. I think I really really need to get at Wii this year -- let me add that to my husband's list of New Years Resolutions :)

    Happy New Year Nicole!

  2. we love our Wii too. I went out and bought 3 more remotes so that we can all play together.

    my dad got us a Wii Fit for X-mas and I love it (although I do hate my plump Mii character on it).

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