Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It was a pretty great day

I would love to say something heart-wrenchingly poignant about yesterday's inauguration. I would have loved to watch it with my family, too, but my husband was asleep, Donovan was playing Wii and Keegan was having "inauguration events" at school which included watching the events on TV without his mommy. They also said the Pledge of Allegience for the first time that day, and I admit I teared up as I heard the principle lead the kids over the intercom.

I did catch a bit on NPR on the way to work, then watched it haltingly on the web with some fairly unpolitical people. My employee had set up a Dreamweaver class that day and I figured that was one training that would be useful in any future career I may attempt. I am absolutely thrilled that we have a new president. I love the fact that when I asked Keegan why it was so special that Obama was our new president, he answered "because he is our first black president." Racism is in no way behind us, as much as some people think and many, many wish, and I want my privelaged white boys to understand and be pro-active in fighting racism. It was a little funny when I added that someday I hope we have our first female president, and our first Jewish president, he responded with "Is Obama Jewish?"

We partied later that evening in Mountain View to some rockin' bands in celebration. I forced my kids to come out and dance with me in the cold, and thanks to Guitar Hero they were absolutely mezmerized by the electric guitars. My son wants to be either a soccer coach, guitar player or a scientist when he grows up (little sad that the helicoptor pilot dream has died). I told him he could actually be all three of those, but better study to be a scientist.

So here's to hope and love and nixing the naysayers. I know Obama is not the messiah, he is not a miracle worker and problems will not be fixed in a day. But he is also not a communist as one commenter indicated on my CEOs blog, we will not sink into evil socialism and lose all our hard-earned money. I don't quite trust the whole stimulus package thing, but I do believe getting out of this war and changing our image from enemy to friend is the right path. I will do what I can to help myself, my family, and this country, with news of that coming soon.

And as a final note, I'm glad to hear my mom snagged some Obama shirts for the kids as I totally fell down on that job.

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  1. I love it - rock star, athlete, or scientist. Darius is still holding tight to his race car driver dreams. Although Darius is still disappointed that McCain lost - he heard McCain was a soldier and really, nothing is more cool than a guy who shot a big gun.

    I'm just thrilled that we are on a new path. You are right, Obama isn't a savior. But I trust that he can lead this country to a better place.