Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I'm Making the Leap

Wow, I got to attend another awesome party thanks to Silicon Valley Moms. The beloved children's company, Leapfrog, threw us mommy-bloggers a party and it was really awesome. First of all, my favorite ever food, how on earth did they know? A mashed potato bar (my, and seems lots of other mommies, comfort food), sauteed onions and mushrooms, and tons of other stuff. Plus there were mimosas and high class water, not to mention the very sweet workers (note to self, find out if they are actually hiring employees from EPA).

So I have to admit, the only Leapfrog items I own are some placemat type things on sale for 44 cents at Office Depot, and a cartridge we accidentally bought with a Scholastic order. And I lumped them in with video games, which we have not yet introduced into our house partly due to our own lack of parental control when it comes to video game limits. My son's only obsession is soccer right now, and prefer to keep it that way.

But enough about me, the night was really awesome. I can't do it justice, so check out Beth's post, but essentially they had an education professor talk to us about just how important reading kids for is. I had heard that before, but there was more. Talking to kids, especially using big words, is another key to a smarty-pants kid (thank goodness for my husband's insistence on teaching kids the most obscure words). Unfortunately, not all kids get this type of exposure, and I unfortunately see that on a personal level, with East Palo Alto kids from my son's preschool and at our own school. What she, in part with Leapfrog, wants to do is level the playing field, have kids without an inundation of reading and talking in their lives do just as well.

I really want to see how that pans out. I mean, they gave us awesome swag, no doubt, my kids love the tag reader. I'm holding off on giving out the didj as I'm hoping to get a Leapster for the younger brother first to prevent fights. I'm thinking how awesome will these be for our thanksgiving roadtrip? Hold on, where was I? Have I gone to the other side? Anyway, if these things really work to help kids learn to read and love reading, I'd love to see them not just in the hands of highly educated SV Moms, but at the low income schools.

So anyway, thanks again, I had an awesome time.


  1. Great post and it was nice to see you there! Now I need to write mine. :)

  2. I had to stop by after reading a comment you left on someone's blog regarding thank you cards.

    I'm glad that someone had the balls to be honest about what a pain in the ass they are and that not sending them out doesn't mean my child should be considered a spoiled brat.

    Some people get way too bent out of shape about not getting one. I feel how you do. I'd rather you didn't buy the gift if you are going to get mad or judge me for not sending a formal thank you card. My daughter's "thanks" and smile should suffice.

    Anyway, I left a comment over there too, and I just wanted to tell you that you aren't alone!