Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Enjoy Being a Girl

I was watching Tim Gunn's new show the other night because I am totally addicted to Bravo's reality shows) and his lucky victim kept saying "I feel like a girl again" or something like that. New bra, less cable knits and couture dresses, well who wouldn't? Especially with my future best bud Tim, please, please come insult my wardrobe, and buy me more. I too, got to recently feel like a girl again, on a business trip of all things. Sure, as the lone woman in a house of boys, who constantly tell me I must like pink, have no penis and scream out "boobies" every chance they get I sure know that I am not a boy, no question. But it has been so long since I did really girly stuff, pretty much since well before I was single. I've had some great girlfriends, but given that I want to an engineering school and work in high tech I'm around lots of boys so they've been tough to come by.

So what happened on this business trip, you ask? Besides a girl sleepover! Second time I got to snuggle with my co-worker, victims of our own economic crisis, but fortunately we get to stay in these huge and luxurious beds and only a few awkward moments the next day (not really). In the morning she watched me whip through my hair with the flat iron, took it right out of my hands and did it right. I felt so pretty as I swung my locks around. Then she borrowed some make-up, put some eyeliner and mascara on my eyes and suggested plucking (fortunately neither of us had tweezers since I have never, ever gotten used to that pain - switched to waxing ages ago but am way behind). Told me I needed nothing else, the blue of my eyes was enough, oh what a sweetie. And since I can no longer afford the salon color promised to give me a home dye job once the grey comes in again. We'll attempt to replicate this color.

Guess working in the chick-filled world of marketing has its perks. Now if only they'd agree to my cause - "the working mommy who has not time or money to buy designer shoes" charity.

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