Monday, October 27, 2008

Art for Halloween - Part I

I seem to be spending a lot more time with Donovan these days, so all my posts are about him. Keegan's still around, though, just hanging out with Daddy a lot. The result, though, is Keegan really attaches himself physically to me when he is around. I love it, since it's so nice to see him, but fear for his safety when his "younger but bigger and stronger" brother Donovan insists on wedging himself in between us.

This ghost is dreaming, about a baby ghost, and a "category" with a horse. My son has taken to making up words, which sound like perfectly real words. A "category" is a stage in a school. And not the two moons.
His brother is still the crafter in the family, but Donovan has brought home more "projects" in one month at his new preschool that his whole last year.

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