Monday, September 22, 2008

You Dressed Youself, Good Job

It's another blog blast from Parents Bloggers Network and frankly, any topic that gives me an excuse to show off my fashion challenged creative kids I'm all over it. So thanks. Anyway, it's all about the matching clothes - do you love to have your kids match? Do you wish you could dress them every single little day and, maybe, even the same outfits for two brothers who wear the same size. Who would do that?

Would you buy the explanation that a tip I got from my mom, dress your kids alike when you travel in case you lose one and you can just say "have you seen a little boy who looks just like this?" was the explanation behind this. Me neither. As cute as I think these buggers are, I honestly don't really care that much how they dress, and in fact once showed up at an outdoor party on one of the hottest day of the year, one wearing a tank top and shorts (I don't think the kid has ever been cold) the other in long sleeve shirt, jacket, pants, socks, all his choice. I kept insisting out loud that I was NOT an overprotective parent.

Not sure if it's because my mom was a bit obsessive about coordinated outfits. We'd never buy pants without a matching top, preferably the same color, and I found myself begging for just a plain shirt of a different color. Or I'm just grateful and so excited when they dress themselves? Yes, occasionally I get them to dress like this, purchased by grandma, of course.

But them check out his shoes? Not even the same size I noticed later.

This is actually how you'll find him dressed most of the time. Don't think this meets the health code.

Why yes, there is a stuffed pig under my helmet, and I'm off for a "run" not a bike ride. Wanna make something of it?

This is the absolute best out fit, ever. And everything but the backpack was purchased at a garage sale by the above named grandma. Note the excellent bling in the shape of a giant heart.

But isn't he just the sweetest? Wait, this actually matches (he probably peed in the above shorts).

I might be lucky as I have sons, who frankly wear soccer kits half the time, but I would hope I'd allow a daughter to be just as creative, or, more accurately, put on whatever the heck they want provided it's clean, comfy, and shows the right superhero of the week.
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