Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brush your breath, brush your breath, brush your breath with Dentine!

What a difference a year makes. I've been avoiding, uh, unable due to work sounds better, to take Keegan to the dentist since the first few episodes, where he would not stop crying, even though the dentist just wanted to count his teeth. Of course he was the one who didn't really like TV, where Donovan caved at the first offer of Dora, new tooth brush and the TOY CLOSET. Of course it was Keegan who needed a cavity filled at three years old, that only took us four visits and there were such sad tears at the end.

Fast forward two years, and take a gander. Look at that proud smile.

They offer shades for the bright light, how cool does he look?

And proud dental patient number 2, I give you the closed mouth smile. Must be the "chocolate milk" teeth.

They cleaned that up toot sweet. Mmm... blueberry flavored toothpaste and bubblegum flavored floride.

And who do I have to credit for this wonder? Would it be dad, who's been covering doctor and dental duty for the past few years? Nah, it's Spongebob of course -> Behold, No Cavities! home of the famous "Cavitree."


  1. AnonymousJune 11, 2008

    so happy your boys are 'cool' with the dentist now!

    My little guy loves the dentist (they have flat screen movies playing while in the chair)

    But it's a 5 - full minute negotiation for tooth brushing every night- if he's tired - longer...

    Are there any secrets of persuasion or is it a matter of age and just growing up a bit ?! Have you written posts about your routine ?

  2. had the same experience with my now 7 year old 2 years ago..now..NO PROBLEM..then...yah. BIG problem.

  3. Yay! No cavities! I'm so glad your boys are ok with the dentist. Both of my girls don't mind going at all.

    You boys are gorgeous by the way!