Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Night

I missed posting on Earth Day, again, but every day is earth day, right? (gag). All sorts of people posted on how they're helping to save the earth, one cloth bag at a time. I especially liked this one, although it really puts the kibosh on my plans to trade in my old Subaru for a brand spanking new Prius, darnit. I have the dubious honor of actually being raised in a house that was green before it was fashionable. We bought our soy sauce, tofu and cereal in bulk at the health food store, my dad saved up egg cartons for the day they would become recyclable (is that a word?) and, we had a compost outside for our huge garden, complete with little bucket in the kitchen. No matter how rotten that broccoli got, we had to fish it out for the compost, and ideally rinse out the bags. Even my company is putting up solar panels (okay, their equipment did take part in making them), giving out bags and light bulbs and featuring different employees and their green initiatives.

I, on the other hand, am probably going the wrong direction. My new house had a compost, which I burned to the ground after discovering giant maggots - ew ew ew (okay, I didn't really burn it). Now that my husband no longer washes the dishes, I let the stupid little plastic bags pile up in the sink until I finally throw them away. I can't use my reusable bags because we need those paper bags for bag liners, and I have no garden in my apartment. We also get cases of water every once in a while, but I did get my kids their own water bottles and my husband makes be buy that water, so there.

On the other hand, I've bought cute little bento boxes for lunches, we are living in multi-family housing and we've both moved WAY closer to work and school, whoopee. And next week I'm bringing in my bike for a free tune-up at work, so that I can partake in bike to work day and, cross-fingers, keep on riding to work, at least on my non-kid drop-off days.

So there is my Earth Day post. Once this grueling work schedule eases up I hope to actually have more interesting posts.

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  1. I like Bike to Work Day, too. It's honestly the only day of the year that I do ride my bike to work. I feel a bit of guilt wasting gas driving my minivan such a short distance each day. Sigh. It's not easy being green.