Thursday, March 20, 2008

So Behind, So Tired

Wow, I am behind on the news, the free stuff being offered, not to mention the controversy, and still need to write about the free events I did attend. Ugh. It's so bad my iPhone just beeped me to remind me to post, find a new preschool, and send my husband's medication. Not to mention setting up the summer campe/care schedule, once we figure out my husband's schedule. Boy am I pitiful. But I do get to spend a whole non-weekend day with the kids tomorrow, what to do, what to do?

Speaking of my husband, I guess I can blame him, along with my four year old's tantrums, on my severe lack of posting. He's been out of town since Saturday and I am truly exhausted. I'm proud to say we've managed to get up, dressed, eat breakfast and walk the dogs while still being on time to kindergarten at 8:10am. Only two, okay, maybe 5, episodes of dragging my son down the sidewalk with me (is that better than spanking?). Just a random photo of the culprit above.

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