Friday, March 28, 2008

Premie Health Risks - What do we do with these studies?

Stories like this really frustrate me, what is the point? It seems that rates of premature births are rising, especially in the US, and "new findings, released today, indicate that the spectrum of problems is even broader than suspected and persist throughout the child's lifetime."

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for science, and studies and technology. I just feel like sometimes reporters jump on these stories for a quick headline, and ignore the repercussions. There are already doofuses with their need to reduce populations, and try to blame all the worlds problems on overpopulation and sometimes immigration, which I think is pure crap.

One of the quotes in the articles is: "Are we improving their survival at the expense of significant problems down the road?" asked the lead author, Dr. Geeta Swamy of the Duke University Medical Center.

I am very fortunate in that my babies were on time or late, and in very good health. But I certainly know plenty of wonderful parents of preemies, and what the heck are they supposed to make of this? That perhaps we shouldn't save them? Believe me, I also believe in you and your doctor making the decision in your or a child's life (that is, not the government), but I'd rather see the outcome focused on working on solving these potential health problems, or advising on how they can be prevented later in life, rather than a doomsday sort of reporting on a study.

Just my two cents.

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