Friday, March 14, 2008

Drunken blogging...and free crap

I missed a day, darnit, but frankly was surprised I made it that far. And to be perfectly honest, my posts have gotten a bit boring will all that pressure to post once a day. Not for me, of course, since they include my excellent (in my mind only) pictures.

Blah blah...hubs is blathering on about Breaking Bad (not exacly Malcolm in the Middle), as if I care even if he did erase the latest taped version. That show is pretty good but wicked depressing.

Back to the matter at hand. I'm wrapping up as I'm too drunk tired to blog much and have a headache, as we just got back from our first ever school evening event/auction. My husband doesn't even drink and spent way too much at the auction. But it's a good cause, right? And we did get four tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and 2 1/2 hours of one of those personal business organizers, which my husband (he's stall talking about the show...okay he's done) desperately needs.

So speaking of the aquarium, I get to bring the kids down there tomorrow (day one as a single mom for the week, aack!) free with some sort of media pass, once again courtesy of my participation in this blog. I also scored three tickets to the Saber Cats tomorrow night in my ocmpany's suite I just hope the kids can stay awake.

Night Nigh


  1. Sounds like you and I both had a little too much to drink last night. Check out my blog. I was a little buzzed writing it too. I have my school auction in 3 weeks. We decided to leave the men home and do a ladies night instead. We will probably spend more money. I enjoy reading your blg.

  2. xiaolinmamaMarch 16, 2008

    Nice job - drunk blogging - now that might be the next BIG thing! Trendsetter!