Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Bring it on!

You may have noticed the mad amount of comments over at SV Moms in respone to a "Dear SAHM" letter. Judgment, bad working mom, blah blah. It got like 4000 comments. I'm usually not surprised at certain posts that generate such reactions, and frankly I find it quite entertaining. Sure, the personal attacks are totally uncalled for, but welcome to the Internet, where even if you aren't truly anonymous, it's still a lot easier to bash than face-to-face. And I've seen way crazier stuff on newspaper blogs and check out this discussion group for some serious judgment all around. I myself have never generated that type of controversy, not for lack of trying, more about lack of talent, opportunity, can't really nail it down. I tried once, to no avail, and found it amusing that for my light (or so I thought) "celebrity piece" I was accused of lacking compassion.

If you manage to get through all the comments, Kate steps up with some excellent "zingers" should we working moms be faced with judgemental comments.

Why not just create for yourself a whole bag of zingers, so that if someone says "you work? it's bad for your kids" (or whatever) you look them straight in the eyes and say "Yes, it was a condition of my parole."

Let's see if we can have fun with a few of these, shall we?

"OH, my children get really good grades, I make sure the homework is always turned in, but I have the time to do that since I am a stay-at-home mom. That is my job." -> suggested response: "Oh my God. You sound awesome. I wish you were MY wife!" (bonus points if you leer.)

May or may not be the Kate of "change your medication levels" we know and love. So here' s my problem. While I have a feeling I'd never be able to throw these out in the heat of moment, I'd love the opportunity to try. And if that fails, at least I'll have something to blog about. But alas, either the people around me are too nice, keeping their opinions to themselves, or I'm completely unaware of the rash judgement going on. So come on, lay it on me.


  1. Maybe you could carry around a bag of fortune cookies, with the zingers instead of fortunes - and then just hand them out to the "mean commenters". Thanks for the post - notice I have not posted since my "infamous SAHM letter". Oh your birth stories were great - I had similar situations....but I had high blood preasure and a wonderful case of Bells Palsy, long story :).

    Jamie R Lentzner

  2. I guess I live in the nice part of town or I am just totally blind to the mommy wars here. but my son goes to a day school where nearly every mother is a working one. Or maybe the real zingers don't start until the kids are in elementary school.

    I get more backlash from my extended where I am the black sheep for continuing to work full-time (and not push out babies every Spring).