Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love Thursday - Happy Valentines Day!

Yesterday my son was simultaneously working on his homework, some sort of pokemon analysis and a gigantic heart with all his classmates names. I'd bought a large piece of red posterboard, thinking we could cut out small red hearts for valentine's cards, and he immediately grabbed it, drew a huge heart and claimed it was for "Meastre." He then later cried "it's not fair that she got two" (he'd also made her a motorcycle one) and the other kids got only one, when I asked if he was going to finish it. So he got the idea to make it a big class one (can we all say a big "aawww?"). Anywho, weeks ago at the dollar store he'd picked out some sparkly pipe cleaners, and I thought he might glue them around the heart so I brought them down. D grabbed one for a ball, and K snuck off and made me this.

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