Sunday, January 20, 2008

Photohunt: Important

Hmm...important. I am totally late again, but wanted to get something in. My excuse is on Friday I was stuck on an airport for many, many hours while they figured out what to do with a bunch of passengers and a plane with mechanical issues. While there were like 5 different wireless connections, none took me to the internet.

Finally, we got on the plane and what could be more imporant, especially for the other passngers, then the children sleeping. Score. And kudos to the sweet men who gave up their seat so we could sit together, and the flight attendent who gave them free drinks. I did offer.

Protection, protection, protection, very important doncha think?

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  1. Such cute kids! I just got home from visiting my niece (4) and nephew (2) and there is nothing better than one of their hugs. Sleep time is definitely good for moms and plane passengers! Good choice.

  2. yup i'd say its very important!!! good post...

  3. also really important to snooze.... i miss sleeping well :D

  4. Escused tardy! A delightful post, though I am sure you weren't thinking how delightful the experience was while waiting.