Monday, January 7, 2008


My mom saw these shirts and just could not help herself. It brought to mind this great post on The 10 Worst iPod Christmas Gifts (the shirt would go great with the first gift). Side not, I love the fact that Kristen has the OhMiBod on her gift list.

So mom's a little odd at the best of times, and unfortunately gets even loopier around my husband, which drives him nuts. So he shows up with these after picking up the kids with this explanation.

"She told me she got these in a bar. They were from a catalogue. Since she said that no adult would ever wear them, she got them for nightshirts for the kids, but they are too big. So she gave it to me. Not sure why she gave them both to me."

Of course he wore it to Ikea, where this women stopped him to ask if she could take a picture. I wondered if that might be a good pick-up shirt, but then thought perhaps it's a turnoff. He decided it's a good way to weed certain women out, like the long hair. I'm afraid I would have been weeded out (not by the long hair, that was a turn-on).