Monday, January 14, 2008

How to Make a Pizza

Step 1) Get adorable baking kits (half off at BB&B) for the kids. Key step includes hiding kits for them to find AFTER they at least help clear off the table, and that doesn't mean just stacking everything precariously on the kitchen counters. But I digress. This step is not completely necessary, and we have successfully skipped this step until mom decided to eliminate the rolling pin fights. Are the aprons not the cutest? Can you guess which kid has the touch of OCD?

Step 2) When your husband says he just wants to "sit down for a minute" and watch the 2nd half of the game (instead of helping), pour yourself a glass of wine.

Step 3) Cut up toppings while fielding requests for help with the Scooby Doo puzzle and chocolate milk. Available for your eating pleasure: pepperoni and pineapple (hubs favorite pizza), Canadian bacon (lower fat than pepperoni for mommy), mushrooms, peppers and lots and lots of cheesy goodness.

Step 4) Let the rolling begin. In the interest of full disclosure, pizza dough, sauce and pre-grated cheese was bought at Trader Joes. In I got fact pretty much all the food there, even the wine.

Step 5) Add sauce, and whatever the heck toppings your little heart desires. Added bonus, snacking on toppings makes a fairly healthy dinner. If they fill up on toppings, pizza is great for leftovers. Explain benefits of putting cheese over toppings (my favorite) if they forget the cheese.

Step 5) Cook the pizza. Doesn't it look yummy? Okay, not really, but it tastes good, I swear. I am still working on the secret to a thin crust. It only took me about 5 times and careful planning, but if you make the pizza for the adults while the kids is cooking, by the time yours is ready theirs will be cool enough to eat.

Brought to you by the Let them make their own damn dinner corporation.


  1. ok, that looks so fun and your kids are adorable!!

  2. That looks like too much fun, thanks for the idea!