Friday, January 11, 2008

Message to Employees

Here's what I'm waiting to hear a company say at the beginning of the year...

"Last year was challenging, yes, with the reorgs, constant budget cuts, lack of parties and stock in the dumps. But this year will rock! It is totally going to be a no-brainer. The money is just going to come rolling in so why don't we all sit back and relax, take a break for once? Seriously, we've been killing ourselves so those that our left, take it easy. Our customers will understand."

Followed by the end-of-year statement

"You know how we always come up with some business reason for a shut-down, no matter how much money we've made or have in the bank, we can always find a reason to not pay you for a week or so? Well, I'm going to be honest. We have a lot, in fact the top execs and I personally could practically carry the payroll with our stock options and bonuses. So lets all take a paid week off instead? How does that sound."

I ain't holding my breath.


  1. Hi, over from Constance the Fifth. I did choose pseudonyms at that site! It looks like you don't have your kids' names on here, so I won't mention the one you asked about, but I used to know a guy whose relative had that name and I always loved it. We have an initial sequence we are tied into with the coming baby boy, it has to do with family names, or I would love to use that name for real!

  2. A girl can hope...Oprah gives her staff a full paid weeks salary for the holidays....!