Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2008 New Years Resolutions - for the kids

I am not a big fan of revolutions. I know goals are the way to achieve things, and that's been drilled into me by my athlete of a husband, but I am just not good with goals that are more than a couple days out. It's no wonder I never finished my thesis and have plateaued at work. But that doesn't meet I can't set goals for my kids, right? So without further ado, here are my resolutions for my kids in 2007 - is it wrong to have them for these two buggers and not for me?

  1. I will be out of my pull-ups, and stop having accidents, even if I'm playing a really fun game or in the car I'll stop (or ask to stop) to pee...D

  2. I will tell stop blaming everyone at the Y for not giving me the lego I need. I've seriously got to let that lego complex go this year...K

  3. I will stop coming in at 5:30 AM and wake everyone up getting comfortable in mommy and daddy's bed, taking a note from my brother that sneaking in without waking everyone up is the key to being allowed to sleep in the "family" bed...D

  4. On that note, we will do our best to actually stay in our own beds all night - ya right, in their dreams.

  5. I will learn to sleep in until 7, maybe even 8 on weekends. Or at least learn to turn the TV on by myself...D

  6. 2008 will be the year I stop being afraid of going in my room alone. And I will stop manipulating mommy with my "I'm not afraid, I just want you with me because I love you" line...K

  7. Provided I discover things I actually don't know, I will stop claiming that I know everything...K

  8. I will clean up my toys, or at least not make up 37 reasons why I can't possibly clean them up, am too tired, or blame someone else for the mess...D And I will stop using cleaning as an excuse for delaying getting dressed, going to bed, getting ready for school, etc...K

  9. We will do our best to keep the loving/fighting ratio at a positive ratio.

  10. And most importantly, we will stay cute and adorable.
To be truthful, I've got a couple that I don't want to publish here, but also guess it's only fair that I write some of my own...
  1. I will go to bed before midnight, and admit the kids are going to get up early no matter what they promise at night. And I'm not getting any younger and this lack of sleep is so not good for my youthful complexion.

  2. I will be less of a bitch in the morning when woken up before 6:30am. Donning the mean mommy hat has not succeeded in getting the kids to pull daddy out of bed instead of mommy, or venture down to the scary living room alone, so we'll all be better off if I just accept my fate for the next 10 or so years.

  3. I will start to exercise, again, I swear, if I have to hire a trainer to drag me to the gym.

  4. I will stop the midnight snacking, tomorrow first (or last) thing.

  5. I will stop procrastinating - oops, too late, what day is it?

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  1. love these - teaching our kids how to turn on the TV and get their own cereal has been a godsend for me!
    Happy 2008

  2. xiaolinmamaJanuary 04, 2008

    that last one was from me...I'm just SO speedy sometimes:) Happy New Year!

  3. Great goals! If you start going to bed before midnight, it'll eliminate the midnight snack, right?