Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Win Shoes! Still time to enter

Y'all may remember Ryka giving away shoes and shirts awhile back. I was hoping for a shirt, but was lucky enough to win a pair of shoes. Alas, they don't fit and a recent resolution (which I've broken, I admit) was to stick to the right size for my poor wittle feet.

So that mean you, readers, have a chance to win a brand new pair of Ryka MC2 Walk shoes- size 7.

I'll leave this open for about a week, so to enter leave a comment here before Dec 16 and I'll randomly pick a winner on Monday, Dec. 17.
Also leave a link back to the contest on your blog, or tell a few friends if you don't have a blog - thanks! Since I'm paying for shipping US residents only, and odds are you won't have these by Christmas since I'm notoriously slow at shipping things, just getting that out there.


  1. Pick me pick me! I would love to have those shoes.

  2. Just my size. They look comfy!

  3. I guess I"m out, I'm a size 8 1/2!

  4. Well, I just had to pick one - so by a random selection Jessica has won! I'll contact you but will be gone until after New Years

  5. agonstaw@interia.plOctober 23, 2009

    7 is my size. I love sports shoes .