Monday, December 10, 2007

Welcome to...The Mommy Blog Court

The case you are about to see is real. Both parties have agreed to drop their cases in California state court Home Family Court and have their dispute settled here -- in our forum -- The People's Mommy Blog Court.

Welcome to the People's Mommy Blog Court. Today, we have the case of the Shiny Object Theft. The two parties (Mommy and Son) are now entering the courtroom. Let's watch.

Bailiff: Everyone rise for the honorable Judge.

Judge: Please be seated. (To Mommy) I see that you are charging the Son with one count of theft of your shiny work notebook.

Mommy: As you can see by the notebook found in the Son's desk drawer (hands notebook to bailiff), we have hard evidence linking the Son to the theft. Upon discovering the missing notebook, I also found, scattered on the floor, the adorable cards created by the Son and his daddy while Mommy was out drinking martinis and getting her nails done. We also have the cut out choo choo train brought to Mommy by the Son, which, along with the cards, were previously safely stored in said notebook to be brought to work.
Judge: That is very convincing evidence. How does the Son respond?
Son: I don't know where it is, I didn't do it. Check upstairs. I have no idea how it got there. I think it was a ghost.

Judge: Wait! What's all this about a ghost? Is the ghost here in my courtroom?

Son: Well, no, but I do have this piece of paper, which clearly states: "Mommy, I Love You. I didn't bring the notebook upstairs."

Judge: Thank you, that's enough. I'll be back with my decision in a few minutes.
Hard evidence versus clearly written statement of innocence? How would you decide?

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