Monday, December 3, 2007

Anyone need a mudbath?.

BusyMom is giving away some free iPod nanos over here. My company has had all sorts of giveaways recently and I never ever win. And yet, in the land of the eternal blogosphere I seem to have a better chance of winning (thanks for the Photobook :).

So we are supposed to write about the funniest thing we ever shopped for online. I've done a ton of shopping online, I was doing it when I stumbled across her blog. Uh, I mean I was working from home, really, it's just Christmas is so close and I'm seriously panicking.

So what was the funniest thing that I have to say I failed to find, but did look for online? That's right, a home mudbath - you know, like the ones you get in Calistoga. People have spas and saunas and steamrooms in their homes, and she wanted a mudbath in her backyard. But wait, they now seem to have them. I'm sending it to my mom right now. Ooh, I just remembered a very silly book from the library called Ginger and Petunia and she has one, for her pig, but that's nether here nor there unless you want to check out the book.

Wish me luck!

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