Monday, November 12, 2007

Nature, Nurture, or Random Pick of the Draw

They may look alike, but two peas in a pod they are not. Here are a few recent moments with my older son.

When I tried to sleep in: "I can't watch TV all morning, it's too boring."

After winning the halloween party cupcake walk: "I don't want a cupcake."

After pizza at his birthday: "My tummy is too full for cake."

Meanwhile, his little brother is glued to the TV, ate not just the cupcake his older brother won, but the rejected powdered donut at the donut eating contest as well. And of course he had two pieces of cake at the birthday party.
I might wonder if something got switched at the test tube factory if he wasn't so into chocolate (in moderation like his daddy, of course). Fruit juice popsicles are his favorite, though.

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