Friday, November 30, 2007

My very first Segway Ride

Over at Mayas Mom they have a topic called "My Moment Wednesday." Well, today isn't Wednesday (TGIF!) but I had a moment that was mine, all mine, today. I had my first ride on a Segway. Now my knowledge of Segways is pretty much limited to the Arrested Development and South Park episodes I joked with my "trainer" about. He said a recent Simpsons has them too, and it happens that that on is waiting on my DVR right now.

We had a "Race against hunger" today where a group of executives raced these babies around a course in the parking lot (to raise money for food banks). It was quite a silly amusing enjoyable sight, as they are seriously really quiet and quite slow. Not exactly a teeth-biting event, but still fun to watch. Afterwords we had the chance to test one of these bad boys out for a $20 donation and the above mentioned trainer set me up. Was I the only one who didn't know these were self powered? - I mean, sure, they are on South Park, but that's just a cartoon. I can't really imagine riding this around on the streets, although I've heard you do feel comfortable after about half an hour. But we're talking about a woman who is still not totally comfortable on a bicycle even after marrying a bicycle racer. He'd probably be all over this, but then he can do a trackstand at a stoplight forever.

It was loads of fun, though, and now I can say I've ridden a Segway. Too bad they didn't catch on more, this here mode of transportation uses less gas than even a Prius. Not too family friendly, although I bet my kids would love it.

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