Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How to Play Pool

We're at Grandma's for Thanksgiving and wanna know the best part of Grandmas, according to my kids? Besides getting spoiled by Grandma, of course, it's the pool table! This has been a grandchildren favorite for eons and mine are jumping on the bandwagon. So here's a little how-to guide.

  1. Grab a couple sticks, whack the balls until Dad tells you how to hold the sticks.
  2. Climb up on table to shoot until Mom makes you get down.
  3. Drag a chair in and attempt to get one ball in "the right way" while your little brother uses his stick to sweep the rest of the balls in.
  4. Fill up the triangle. Explain the white one is the "hitting ball." It's okay to use your hand to explain as long as you tell mommy "I'm just showing him, it's just an example" while you use the white ball to hit the yellow ball in the "goal." Miss.

They eventually both give up and just use the sticks for swords.


My husband just found this note from our last visit, when I was recording some of the silly things my kids say. They idolize their teenage cousin Colin, who is a sweet kid, a great pool player and a long-haired dude who dresses only in black.

Why is Colin so good at pool?

Because he knows all about pool. Because that's his job, picking up popcorn in the movie theatre and saying "too loud" when he can't hear it [the movie] and playing pool.

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