Friday, October 12, 2007

May I swipe your brain?

Okay, forget the flying cars, the robotic housekeeper and the oven that cooks your meals. I used to really wish I could live like the Jetsons. Now I just want to do away with cash. Ugh, the other day I managed to get out of the house just in time for my new farmer's market tradition, which is if I miss the Saturday Sunnyvale market I still have the back-up Sunday in Mountain View one. I was hoping to make this a family, or at least kids event, but the kids response these days is "but we already went" - they think if I didn't waste so much on food they could buy way more transformers.

I made it with only about 15 minutes to spare, and I was intimidated by the new signs insisting on "No sales after 1pm." I had $15 and got my fill of fruit and veggies and free samples, and then stumbled upon the delicious looking whole wheat bread. Why is fresh baked WW bread so hard to find? Thankfully this was a really sweet small business and essentially offered to let me pay the next week. Wow, imagine that anywhere else? As long as I was out, I thought I'd stop by a favorite coffee shop for some caffeine and wireless to finish up a post in relative peace. No luck, cash only - there was an ATM handy but the fees would have cost more the coffee. Rather than get in the car to go to the bank, or pick an overpriced place that took credit cards I just went home.

Come on, with all of us electronically tied to credit cards, drivers license information and even library cards, can't we just issue a chip in our brain, a cheap scanner and we are set. Off to file the patent.

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