Friday, October 26, 2007

Little Brother For Hire

My little guy D seems to have a new responsibility, giving only children a taste of life with a little brother. He's cute, can be quite sweet and the preschool girls seem to swoon over him (although I may be just slightly biased), but he's got a stubborn streak a mile long and can cry at the drop of a hat, providing mom is in sight to pick him up or other moms are around to feel bad. I'm trying to give his older brother tricks to dealing with him, beyond my desperate "just grab the toy back!" which I've yelled from the shower. But it's not so easy with these new friends, who aren't used to having a little sibling around.

So we're just going to put a positive spin in it.

"Does your child have hard time sharing? Is being an only child made him a little too relaxed in his playing? For a limited time only, this 40 pound 3 1/2 year old is available for play dates and camping trips. He'll play, he'll copy every single thing your child does, he'll insist everything was his idea and will volunteer for each and every task. But wait, there's more. Does your child play by the rules? We'll teach him how much more fun breaking rules can me, not to mention breaking sticks and throwing rocks. Does he like to stay dry and clean? That won't last long with this bouncy boy along. And is he usually dressed? Pshaw, dressing is so last year. Comes complete with mom and five year old, much calmer, boy."

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