Saturday, September 22, 2007

Photohunt 76: Paper

I'm super duper late here, but wanted to get my paper photos here. I've had to borrow my husband's computer so I'm hunting around on his computer for some photos.

Here we've got paper bags full of goodies from a preschool party.

And here's daddy and K reading to D's class. I was going to but was forced to sit in the circle and listen instead. It's the book that's paper :)

And here's my masterpiece, the paper rocket.

For more paper photos go to .


  1. I love the paper rocket!!!

  2. Good ideas for the paper theme. I love the goody bags all set out.

  3. Nice paper photos!
    Cool rocket :)

  4. Oh! My favorite is the rocket too -- love the colors . . . Ü Come and see mine.ldi