Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Morning Little Buddy

So my son nudges me at some unearthly time of the morning, "D's wet" (yes, they both crawled into bed, I know, I know). This has happened a number of times, thanks to someone, okay me, not getting better pull-ups and our lack of nighttime potty training (how on earth do you do that?), so it came as no surprise. It was the first time I'd been informed by my other son, and I was also pleasantly surprised that my younger one wasn't waking up as I removed his wet clothes. That didn't last long.

I was prepared for, if not able to handle very well, the crying and screaming and demanding the wet shirt be put back on (btw 1-2-3 magic does NOT work on a recently awakened and very cranky child). I was very used to the request to accompany him downstairs for his chocolate milk. After all, 5:30am is morning to him, and he's "too scared" to go alone (a tactic he's totally copied from his brother).

But what I was so NOT ready for was the, how shall I delicately put it, the small but quite, uh, stiff erection that caused him to wake up and and cry out "it's hurting my penis" when I tried to put the new pull up on. He kept pulling the pull up back down, until I eventually just sat him up to wait for it to come back down. There I was, soothing him and telling him it would be okay. As the only female in the household I REALLY do not think that was my job.


  1. Augh! Sounds like a really rough start to the day.

  2. Nice morning! Yeah, it's not always easy being the only female in the house, is it?? I'm not even particularly "girly" and there are moments when I just have to escape!