Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My Moment: July Fourth Edition

So my moment this week was going to be downing the last drops of wine last Friday on night one of my Calistoga spa weekend, but now I'm supposed to do a July 4th edition.

Okey Dokey, no problem. My moment was watching my kids play in the pool after only four days of swim lessons. These are kids who barely got in the water even with a death grip around Mommy's neck just a few weeks ago.
It's now become as hard to drag them away from the pool as it is away from the park. Lips blue, teeth chattering, fingers and toes turning into prunes, they still stay to show off their new found skills to all who will watch.
They finally got to use the Spiderman boogie boards their aunt got them for free from work - they work much better in the pools of California than the snow of Utah.

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