Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The last post on Blogher, I swear

Some highlights of my fun weekend in Chicago.
  • In the dark and loud Thursday night W party I did get to meet some bloggers that I read in real life and drink two free pear martinis (yum) which means I don't remember who I met, damn.
  • The hilarious Kristen not only giving me one of her condoms, but a little anecdote about people refusing it for reasons such as they were trying to have a baby. My kids of course immediately found it but seemed to be satisfied with the "it's for adults to use who don't want babies" answer to what it was.
  • A compliment on my boobs (eek!) from this really pretty blogity goddess. And it was all thanks to this dress, with photo courtesy of Mary and Krisco of Crib Ceiling. Loved getting my photo taken, but could my face be more shiny and red?
  • Meeting Mom101 (who commented on my blog once) and making an idiot of myself in front of her (okay, that's not a highlight). "I thought you'd be taller" was my witty comment. I mean, she is from New York... I know, it makes no sense to me either. I made even more of an idiot of myself with the hot iambossy but had the excuse of several drinks.
  • Drinking and chatting and noshing with fun women I'd met before, some I blog with here (martinis and manicures, here we come) in SV and those I blog with and got a chance to meet.
  • Meeting all these new women who I'll add to my reading list once I stop wasting time working and posting and bathing my kids. I have way more business cards than I know what to do with. Just a few are happykatie, The Fish Pond, redsy, Antique Mommy, Tales from Clark Street, and Wise Bread.
  • Last, but not least, the cool swag. If you've ever been to a B2B conference you'll realize (unless you're a bigwig in line for free Wiis or Ipods) consumer swag is way better. My best score, besides the awesome laptop bag, was from the SV Moms bag. If this doesn't get me some action, I don't know what will (Planet Mom shirt and Nipple Nibblers).
I've read various posts on Blogher 07 and I especially liked this one, as I have to admit I did have times where I felt a little left out. I'm new, I'm in awe of some incredibly funny women I've read, and I was sucked in by the shoes and dancing and boobs I read about last year. And while sure I would love to have partied with some of these gals, it's not like I was rebuffed (although my attempts to make eye contact with Redneck Mommy were in vain) and frankly I was too tired for new socialization attempts by 11pm.

I think the best thing for me about this conference was that I chose to be there (although that means I had to pay for it) and it was sure cool to be at a conference with so many women. I usually work at conferences and know ever fewer people.

My small set of photos.

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